How long are you in cast after a subtalar joint fusion?

6-8 weeks. You are probably looking 6-8 wks of cast after the procedure. Depending how good you heal/feel. Often an xray is done to assure proper healing/alignment etc...Before the cast is removed. Your surgeon will be the best person at estimating how much time is needed because he/she knew what was done to you and for you... Good luck.
CASTING. It depends if bone graft is used. I'll go anywhere from 8-12 weeks.

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Any ideas why my ankle aches but doesn't really hurt after a subtalar joint fusion?

Change in position. The surgery you had changes the position of the foot and decreases motion, therefore my experience aching, but should go away with time.

Tell me about subtalar joint fusion?

See below. It is usually done for instability and it is where 2 bones the talus and calcaneous are surgically fused together.

What can I expect from a subtalar joint fusion and iliac bone graft?

Improved Stability. Your foot and ankle should meet the ground with improved stabiity. It will be less likely to collapse and roll your heel out under weight bearing.