Does 70% alcohol kill sperm?

Please clarify. I do not understand the question. Are you asking if using alcohol post coitus will kill sperm and prevent pregnancy? If you are asking this the answer is not very effectively. Alcohol would not reach the internal cervix or uterus to kill any sperm swimming there. Topical alcohol is not a form of birth control.

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Does alcohol kill sperm? What if I had some sperm on my vagina opening and I wipe it with a wipe thar contains alcohol?

Probably. The alcohol probably kills the sperm that it comes in contact with. The problem is that there are millions of sperms in ejaculate and sperm are good swimmers. If there is semen at the vaginal opening, those sperm can still swim to the cervix (and farther). You are still at risk for pregnancy. Wiping with alcohol wipes will not really help. Read more...

Does hand sanitizer kill sperm on hands? (70% ethyl alcohol, purpose antimicrobial)

Yes,... Despite no specific study, commonsense would firmly support the sperm-killing ability of sanitizer. So, yes. Nonetheless, follow the current available recommendations to safeguard practice of safe sex so to lessen unnecessary and unwanted anxiety and fear. Read more...