What are the laws with tattooing and hepatitis?

Tattoos and disease. I am not sure what you are asking here. Laws or statutes regulating tattooing differ by state. Whoever does your tattoo should use scrupulous cleaning technique to prevent spread of blood-borne diseases from person to person. If a shop is messy, it is a pretty good indication of cleaning techniques. Common sense will keep you safe.
Deoends on the state. You need to look at the health department rules for your state. The artist should follow the state guidelines and display his/her licenses. The artist should discuss freely infection control measures. This site may help: http://www. Safe-tattoos. Com/basic%20guidelines%20for%20getting%20a%20tattoo. Html.

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What are the laws with tattooing and hepatitis c? Are there any laws?

Tatoos. There are at least 3 forms of viral hepatitis, a, b, and c. Vaccines are available for a and b. All can be transmitted by dirty needles, and some by food and sexual exposure. Tatoo parlours use needles to inject the dye into the skin, to make the tatoo, and so brand new sterile needles must be used on every client, and proper sterilization must be used in the facility to prevenf spread of disease.

What are the laws concerning tattooing and hepatitis c?

Regardless. Have the inker show you the unopened plastic capsules that contain the ink, and the needle in the paper wrap in which it was autoclaved. Friends have told me what sound like good rules for tattoos -- none before you are 30, and only the tattoo that you have wanted for five years. Fraternity / sorority tattoos work best on the inner ankles; conspicuous tattoos may affect your getting a job.