Chlorpheniramine maleate or allegra (fexofenadine) which is safer?

Both. Antihistamines are extremely safe. Any antihistamine can cause drowsiness, but second-generation antihistamines are much less likely to do so. Drowsiness with chlorpheniramine is the biggest side effect to watch for, between these two meds.

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Whats the difference between a first generation antihistamine like chlorpheniramine and second generation antihistamines like allegra (fexofenadine)?

1st and second. First generation antihistamines are sedating and short acting and have usually other properties such as anticholinergic or drying properties. Second generation antihistamines are long aciting, usually dosed once a day, and are less or non sedating and selective antihistamines with less active properties on other receptors. Read more...

Dexchloropheniramine maleate tablets have 2mg; chlorpheniramine maleate tablets had 4mg. Dex isomer's more potent? Or ploy to sell more tablets?

Tab difference. hello ~ dex~etc is a totally different substance to chlorphen~etc base. Each compound in organic chem has completely different properties, by adding free radicals (-H, -OH, -S03,-S04,-NH3,NH4) This is not a scam but dose equivalents. Do not mess with dose advised on label ! Take AS DIRECTED ! ALWAYS ! Read more...