The redness is gone, but I've got more spider veins -- what's going on?

? Underlying Problems. Sometimes after treatment of spider veins you will see matting as dr. Westfried stated. This may go away or improve in 3 to 6 months. The matting can also be a sign of underlying venous insufficiency. New studies show that wearing graduated compression stockings daily for 3 weeks after treatment of spider veins may decrease the appearance of matting.
Matting. When spider veins are treated you may develop smaller vessels at the area that were not noticeable before these can be treated with laser, but it may be difficult to eliminate them completely.
Need vein evaluation. Spider veins have many causes including hereditary, pregnancies, aging, trauma and hormonal. If you have new spider veins forming or many veins forming then you should be evaluated by a vein specialist for an underlying cause. A venous reflux ultrasound would be helpful to evaluate the valves in the venous system as well as look for a reason to explain your pain.
Wait and see. If you develop matting after vein treatment, it is recommended that you not rush to treat these tiny little new vessels. Most often they will fade on their own with time as long as their isn't an identifiable underlying cause, as dr. Hansen mentioned. If they haven't disappeared after 3 months, then sclerotherapy, laser, ipl, and rf thermocoagulation can all help.