What does general anesthesia feel like after I come to?

Drowsy at first. Many people are surprised when they wake up, because it feels as though no time has passed at all. They can't believe that their procedure is actually over. You may feel a little groggy, and it's fine to go back to sleep. Mild nausea and a little pain from the surgery are also common. Ask your nurse for medicine to relieve nausea or pain. You'll feel more normal over the first hour or two.
Groggy. First thing that you will remember is being a little groggy in the recovery room and wondering how you got there. This will clear quickly.
Feel sleepy. You may feel a little run down. You may be a little disoriented. For a somewhat exaggerated and comical view of post anesthesia check out : http://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=txqiwrbygrs&feature=youtube_gdata_playerr.
Safe. During general anesthesia you will not feel any pain will not remember the procedure being done on you, after waking up most of them have no effect, very few will complain of body pains, will complain as "run by a truck" ", ran a marathon" will revert to normal in just few days.
Not bad. You may feel a little tired and fatigued. You may be a little disoriented. This feeling may last a few hours.