What causes unilateral thigh muscle wasting?

Symptom? . Without a good history one cannot be sure of the cause an L4 lesion, say a disc can cause it as well as conditions such as diabetic amyotrophy.

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My doctor thinks I may have proximal muscle wasting in my leg. What and why?

Ask doctor why? Muscle wasting is seen with neurological problems, lack of exercise, aging, and when it is symptomatic, evaluation should be completed. When your doctor suggested that to you, the next question you should ask, "why doctor?". Read more...

Do neurologist immediately do surgery if they see that a pinch nerve cause your arm and leg muscles to be weak and wasting away.

No. A neurologist is not a surgeon. A neurosurgeon or a spine surgeon would be the specialties that would operate on a spinal nerve that is being compressed. Certainly if you have significant weakness or numbness surgery becomes a very real option. Please follow up with the appropriate doctors as necessary. Read more...