Just had new eye floaters and eye flashes when looking at the sky. What to do?

Exam soon. This could be symptoms of a retinal detachment, which could lead to loss of vision.See an ophthalmologist soon.
See your eye doc. New flashes and floaters can be a sign of a retinal detachment. If you notice them once and they go away it's probably no big deal. If they persist or you have spiderwebs, curtains or veils over your vision, or any vision loss at all, you need to see an eye doctor.

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Why do I have eye floaters and eye flashes when looking at the sky or bright things?

Depends on the light. Because the floater is semi-transparent, certain lighting conditions and backgrounds will back the floater more visible. They are always there, just may not be visible under the wrong light. Read more...
High contrast. If you think of floaters and small particles that cast shadows, a bright background will maximize this. Read more...