What foods should I avoid if I have fatty liver?

Good Eating. The major thing you want to stay away from is alcohol. Also if you are a diabetic you need to follow the nutrition plan you have with your physician. Try to limit you fat and sugar intake. Fatty liver is reversible and keeping a healthy diet along with removing alcohol will aid in this.
Acohol and calories. Avoid alcohol and reduce caloric intake to lose weight. You would need to reduce fat and carbohydrate intake. Please consult your doctor to ensure that you do not have nutritional deficiencies that may be promoting fatty liver.

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What foods should I avoid if I have gallstones and a fatty liver?

Modify lifestyle. Fatty liver occurs thru delivery of dietary fat/fatty acids to liver, excess carbohydrate, impaired export of triglyceride from liver cells, & augmented trigylceride production. Fix it by controlling diabetes, obesity, cholesterol, & avoid alcohol. Gallstones (usually cholesterol) are less diet responsive, but low fiber, high refined carbohydrate diets are associated; vegetarians get fewer stones.