Is a bumpy tongue normal for strep throat?

Strep. Strep throat is diagnosed by soreness, a low grade fever and white cotton ball 'dots' on the throat. There are large bumps on the tongue normally at the back. Please see your md for a diagnosis as strep throat can lead to more serious conditions.
See a doctor. There are normally bumps on the back of your tongue. This does not mean you have strep. It you think you have strep then it is important that you see a doctor about this, get diagnoses and treated. Strep can bea serious infection and is contagious. Call a doctor today.

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Was diagnsd with strep throat and comp. A z pack (penicillin allergy). I have since dvlpd very painful sores on the roof of my mouth only. Normal?

Not usually. Although a drug reaction called Stevens Johnson Syndrome usually affects the mucous membrane, I suspect that your current problem is just a progression of the initial viral infection causing the sore throat (assuming that strep was not documented). If the problem persists, see your doctor or a dentist. In the meanwhile , ask your doctor if you should continue with ZPak. Read more...