Painless red bump what is it?

Not sure. There are a # of possible causes. The best way to get an accurate diagnosis would be dermatological evaluation.
Visual DX. Hi, it’s hard to say without a picture but there is a great app that may be able to help you get a diagnosis without being seen in person by a dermatologist. The app is called VisualDX and is one of the best, if not the best out there. Many clinicians, including myself, use it. Just snap a photo and it gives you a list of possible diagnoses. Good luck!

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Non itchy painless red bumps. What could these be?

Rash. The accurate diagnosis of a rash requires a physical exam. It is recommended that your see a primary care provider for a physical examination. Read more...

Freq urination. Even when not drinking. Tiredness, sometime pain in stomach and lots of itching with painless red bumps. Hard stool. What could it be?

I am not sure. Whether we can tie all the symptoms together . However , the polyuria and tiredness caught my attention . I would suggest to have basic test including urinalysis including specific gravity and chemistry ( bmp). We have to check some problems that are responsible the for the mentioned symptoms.. Read more...