What cause bloating, nausea, throwing up, diarrhea, fever to 101?

Gastroenteritis. Generally may be due to one of several viral infections and this should clear within a day or so. The fever is a little higher than usual, and if this does not clear rapidly you need to see a doctor, since there are bacterial and parasitic causes which will require therapy. Stay well hydrated. If you cannot keep anything down see your family doctor asap.

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I'm 80y/o man w/ loose stools x 2months when waking up &after dinner. No abd pain, bloating, or fevers. Energy good. Need to see md but most likey cause?

If not watery. Then could be a host of things but as you age you lose the enzyme to digest lactose so lactose deficiency becomes increasingly common. How much dairy of any kind go you have in your diet? That could be one explanation without any further history. Read more...