I have a pouch if fat on my feet on the top. I want to know how I can lose this. It is not coming off with the weight im losing...?

Probably won't. Fat distribution in the body can be quite different from one to another. If it was one foot, i might think it could be a lipoma, which is a benign fatty growth (almost always, but never can say never in medicine). If it does not affect shoe-wearing comfort, would rec just leaving alone, and lose weight if it is for your general health. Of course, they could be surgically removed. Podiatry consult.
Keep losing weight. If the pouch of fat is on top of both feet, it is benign and could be fat plus some fluid (water), specially if you have weight problem. It should decrease in size gradually if you continue to lose weight. Sometimes it is soft tissue swelling due to joint disease and is not fat. A quick look by a physician can determine the nature of this "pouch" and then suggest the treatment..
Don't assume. Without seeing your foot, i would hate for you to misdiagnose a "pouch of fat" with a soft tissue mass. Common benign lesions would include a lipoma or ganglion but it is mandatory to biopsy any soft tissue mass to ensure it is not a malignant lesion. It is not common to have a "pouch of fat" on the top of the foot. It is more common around the ankles.