Are there any good non-surgical bunion treatments? The plastic splints I tried didn't help.

There are a variety. Non surgical treatment can address the symptoms of the bunion defromity, but will not correct the deformity. Conservative care consists of wider, more comfortable shoe gear with good support. Custom orthotics are very useful in controlling abnormal foot function, which allows the bunion to progress. Conservative care can slow down the progression and relieve some of the symptom. Dr l.
Wide enough foot wea. Best way to avoid bunion pain due to pressure is wearing foot wear that is wide and deep enough and accommodates the bunion comfortably.
Wider toe box. Bunions are a deviation of the forefoot and toe bones, over time. Usually tight shoes are a contributor. Wider and larger shoe, particularly the toe box will reduce the rubbing, cramping and pressure that deviates the bones and causes bunions.
Orthotics. Orthotics support your arch and prevent excessive pressure on the great toe joint by limiting pronation. This helps relieve pressure and pain on your bunions.
Bunion surgery. There are no braces or exercises to get rid of a bunion. If you have it surgically removed, there are several ways your surgeon could go about it. Depending on the angle of your bones (you'll need an x-ray), there are many different procedures to correct your foot. Some involve bone cuts and screws. You'll be swollen for several weeks, but the post-op pain does not last that long.