How do Xanax (alprazolam) and Valium compare dosage-wise?

5 to 10 fold. Xanax (alprazolam) is five to ten times as potent as Valium per milligram.

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I used totake xanax (alprazolam) laxa valium. Very high dosage. Does it effect sexual power. Can it be normal? I used 15 or mre tablets daily but now I have quit

Erectile Dysfunction. I commend you for overcoming your Xanax (alprazolam) and Valium Dependence. They can affect sexual desire, interest, drive, or performance, both increase and decrease. It is also affected by use of Alcohol at the same time, and your relationship with your partner. Have heart to Heart talk with your partner about need for emotional, physical and sexual intimacy; and to see a Physician for Diagnosis and Therapy.

I used totake xanax (alprazolam) laxa valium. Very high dosage. Does it effect sexual power. If it does. Now how can become normal. I used 15 or mre tablets daily?

Unclear. Are you still using this medication? Tell us more details about how long you have used it and what is the current amount you are using. We can guide you as to how to reduce it and get you off of it slowly but safely. Yes it can impair your sexual performance and it will come back to normal if you succeeded in getting off the other drugs.
Drug dependence? Taking 15 pills or more a day of 'very high dosage' Xanax, (alprazolam)? laxatives, Valium is serious and suggests a problem with addiction. See your pcp to get checked for libido and any underlying medical problem for which you may be self-medicating. See a mental health professional for guidance. I hope this helps.

Can I substitute Valium for xanax (alprazolam) for one dose?

Doctor approval. You would need to ask your doctor about this. Valium is dosed differently than xanax (alprazolam). It will stay in your system much longer than xanax (alprazolam). I suggest that you ask your prescribing physician about this change.
Yes. Just bear in mind the valium will last a lot longer than the xanax!

I took about 4 10 mg valiums and 1 2mg Xanax (alprazolam) bar together for 4 days, same dose of meds each day. I have a drug test in 16 days. Will I pass or fail?

Pass. If you are not a chronic user and this was a one time thing, most likely you will pass. If you are taking the valium daily, it can stay in your system for up to 30 days. It is dangerous to take these two drugs together if this is not a prescription and under close supervision of a doctor. They work in the same way and can exacerbate the sedative effects. Please enter treatment if addiction.
Pass. Most likely unless they are testing for the metabolites of valium (unlikely).

New gp has cut my dose of 30mg Valium to 25- but is prescribing a friend 3mg of Xanax (alprazolam) with no problem- is this fair to pick & choose?

Your doctor is. Basing their decisions on the issues, symptoms and concerns that you have brought to him. Your friend is not you and has other issues that he is taking into account. Speak with your doctor if you are not sure the medication is the right one for you. It is not a matter of fairness, but clinical judgement, which is why he spent years in medical school and training.

Insomnia 2+ years. On pristiq, (desvenlafaxine) lithium for bipolar. No sleeping pills work. Valium does not work. A high dose Xanax can. 2 to 5 mg. What can I do?

Not drugs alone. Xanax, (alprazolam) especially at high dose, is not a healthy long-term option for you. Evidently you have a good bit of tolerance already. If you're using other substances in addition to your meds (including alcohol), stop. Use good sleep hygiene steps in your day-to-day life. Find more info about this at: http://www. Sleepfoundation. Org/article/ask-the-expert/sleep-hygiene also yoga such as yoga nidra.
Insomnia suggestions. Regular sleep schedule, especially time to get up. Minimize light before sleep period, including tv & computer. Don't go to bed hungry or right after a big meal. Avoid or minimize caffeine & alcohol. Exercise regularly, but not within 3-4 hrs before bedtime. Use relaxing pre-sleep routine (warm bath, light snack, reading). Bedroom temp at 60-68f. Learn relaxation skills. Find sleep specialist.

I take Xanax (alprazolam) and Valium will grapefruit juice have a side effect?

Minor. Grapefruit juice inhibits the liver enzymes that break down certain medicines, resulting in a small increase in the medicine's effect. This definitely occurs with valium; there is some uncertainly whether it affects xanax (alprazolam) as much, or at all. It takes a lot of grapefruit juice (at least a pint, probably more) to have this effect. Tell your doc if you drink lots of grapefruit juice regularly.

Is taking Xanax (alprazolam) and Valium okay for treating GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) and chronic back pain?

Not wise. It is not wise to take both of these medications at the same time. They are both in the same class and this could lead to overdose or addiction. Was this prescribed by your doctor? If so, ask him/her about the potential risks and benefits. If not talk to him/her.