When can I resume my exercise routine after tooth extraction?

ASK... Tooth extraction can occur for several reasons, including severe tooth decay, trauma, aesthetics, and preparation for orthodontic treatment. Over-retained teeth may require extraction to make way for the teeth succeeding them. Wait at least a week after a single tooth extraction before resuming your full exercise regimen. You should ask your dentist in some cases it may be sooner.
What did dentist say. It depends on the difficulty of procedure, your heath your medications.

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When can I safely continue my exercise routine after wisdom tooth extraction?

Surgeon's csll. Consult with your surgeon to get a specific answer. It varies widely based on the complexity of the surgical management of your case. Read more...
At least 5 To 7 days. It is best to wait before resuming exercise to avoid bleeding. 5 to 7 days should be minimum time since the healing process has had a good progression during this period. But double check with your dentist at your post op checkup appointment following the extraction. Read more...