I have a mass of genital warts on my vulva, should I use something sharp to remove them?

No! It would be very difficult and very painful for you to try this yourself. The vulva bleeds easily too and there'd be risk of bacterial infection, scarring, etc. Please see a medical professional.

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If I have genital warts on my vulva what are the chances that they are also on my vagina walls?

Genital warts. Genital warts can occur outside and inside of the vagina or around the anus and even in the mouth. There is no way to predict whether the warts will grow or disappear or exactly where they will appear. You should be examined because of the increased risk of cervical cancer especially with certain serological types of Human Papilloma Virus.

Can someone have genital warts on their cervix? Is it possible to have them there without having any on the vulva?

Cervical HSV. Herpes can infect the cervix and can occur without external lesions or symptoms.
Yes. It can grow there as well. Even if they re not present on the vulva. This is one of many reasons to have an annual gyn exam.

Could a red flat patch inside vulva be genital warts or do they never show up looking like that? Or could it be nothing? Had biopsy & said its warts?

Biopsy results. If you had a biopsy already then this is going to be the more definitive way of determining the cause of the problem. If the doctor doing the exam was unable to make a diagnosis visually then the biopsy was done to determine the diagnosis. HPV/ Genital warts can have a variety of clinical appearances.

Got this red lump with a tiny lump next to it on the top of left leg and near bladder scared it might be genital warts?

See a doctor. Your lesion needs to be seen to be diagnosed. If it is genital warts, there are many possible treatments to get rid of it.
Probably not a wart. First, a "red lump" doesn't sound like a wart. Second, as the name implies, usually they occur on the genitals (mainly the penis in men). A wart could occur at the top of the leg, but quite unusual. Third, only one wart would be unusual. Generally several of them show up at once. See a doctor if you remain concerned about it. Also ask the doctor about getting the HPV vaccine.