Is laser vaginal rejuvenation a right choice?

Vag Rejuvenation. Only you can know if it is a right choice for you, like any plastic surgery procedure.
What does this mean? This is certainly not a mainstream treatment. You would have to describe in detail what is being recommended to you in order for a physician to give you any sort of opinion. On its face, it sounds a bit like quackery.

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What are the consequences of vaginal rejuvenation (laser/normal)?

Increased friction. Increased frictional forces durnfg sexual intercourse is the primary goal. The consequences and risks include over correction, under correction, pain, dyspareunia, vaginismus or spasm, vaginosis, fistula, wound breakdown, neuroma, and many other potential side effects, however in the vast majority of cases and in the hands of an experienced surgeon, these risks are relatively low. Read more...