If I am having right thumb trigger finger relase surgery, what should I expect?

Minimal symtoms. The problem should be resolved and most patients return to activities as tolerated the day after surgery. Work may take a little longer due to tje type of work.
Relief. This is a relative minor procedure in the hands of an experienced surgeon with a very small incision with a few restrictions post operatively but providing almost immediate relief.
Resolution. Surgery is usually done with a local anesthesia, sometimes with sedation. Usually takes 10-15 minutes. At the end of the procedure, the thumb should no longer trigger or lock. You should be able to begin moving the thumb immediately, and progress to light use as tolerated. Sutures removed at 10-14 days, then work on scar massage.

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For trigger finger present in thumb, can exercises help it if not doing surgery?

Not really. I don't generally prescribe pt for trigger thumb or trigger fingers . An injection in the A1 pulley can often help symptoms in the short term... Best of Luck! Read more...
No. Irritation. The irritation will make it worse. Saint it for rest or get a shot of cortisone. Surgery is if all else fails. Read more...

Have you ever seen trigger finger (in thumb) heal without cortisone / surgery?

Trigger thumb. Flexor tenosynovitis ( trigger) is very common of all fingers including the thumb. Simple treatment includes consistent use of NSAIDs , avoidance of repetitive finger movements, splinting the involved fingers in extension nightly for 6-8 weeks. . Read more...