Is my anxiety causing me to hear my heartbeat in my ear?

YES. When you are anxious you are more aware of your surroundings and your blood pressure and heartbeat go up. Add that to your increased sense of awareness and you will hear your heartbeat.
Possibly. Your anxiety is causing yoiur heart rate to increase and blood pressure to rise, making the blood flow through blood vessels near your more prominant..

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How come I can hear my heartbeat in my ear when I put my head on my pillow? Anxiety?

No, physiology. Our hearing works by 2 mechanisms: air conduction (transmitted from external sounds) and bone conduction (transmitted from internal sounds). Normal anatomy: your carotid artery traverses the bone that makes up your inner ear. When you occlude your external auditory canal by lying down, you "turn off" air conduction allowing you to hear the always present but much softer bone conduction. Read more...