Why does my psoriasis itch, and how can I control the itching?

Inflammation. Psoriasis is an inflammatory disorder. Inflammation can cause itching symptoms. Other than the prescribed topical steroids that reduce inflammation, I find that oral antihistamines such as zyrtec or Benadryl (diphenhydramine) help.
Inflammation. The condition is an inflammatory condition and can itch topical steroids can help.

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What would cause psoriasis only during the months of may through september? It itches severely when I go out in the heat or sun.

Question diagnosis. Psoriasis usually improves in warm weather and does not intensely itch as a rule. The are several skin conditions that can resemble psoriasis. Get another dermatologic opinion..

I have psoriasis so I've been laying out in the sun and I've got a rash that itches? What could this be and what can I do to prevent it for happing?

Itchy sun rash. Sun exposure rashes could mean a reaction to your sunscreen or a "sun allergy" like polymorphous light reaction (pmle). 90% of sun rashes are due to pmle, but there are other conditions that can make you sensitive to sunlight. If the rash is from the sun, the areas that were exposed to the sun would be most affected. Also, sunburn would make your psoriasis itch. This needs evaluation.

I think I may have scalp psoriasis (redish flaky patches allover head that itches)how can I tell for sure, do I need to be seen for it or buy something?

? Dandruff. Which is kind of seborrhoeic drematitis, at times may resemble psoriasis, you can try OTC anti dandruff shampoo regularly for a week or two, if t resolves, fine, continue using it at least twice a week, if gets worse though or doesn't improve see your doctor/dermatologist.

I have an itchy anus hole, no rash or bumps or anything it just always itches and sometimes bleeds (may be from itching) I have psoriasis if it matters?

Could be. It may be psoriasis but also may be pruritus ani, or "itchy bottom", especially if it wakes you from your sleep. The 2 most common causes are excess caffeine and excess moisture. See a colorectal specialist and get it diagnosed and treated properly. In the meantime stop all caffeine and replace with other fluids, and use cornstarch powder liberally on your bottom. No soaps and no talcum powders.
See dermatologist. This is a socially embarrassing situation and you should visit your doctor to get it checked out since there are many potential causes.

My scalp itches, has flakes, white balls and white pimple like bumps. I have tried every type of psoriasis moisture and dandruff shampoos nothing help

Get checked for. Other medical conditions such as contact or atopic dermatitis, diabetes, autoimmune condition etc bless u:). http://www. Mayoclinic. Com/health/seborrheic-dermatitis/ds00984.
See a dermatologist. See a dermatologist to establish the cause and start appropriate therapy.