Can I get high off promethazine hydrochloride 25 mg?

Why do you ask? It will make you sleepy and mentally dull. If this is what you want, that is your business.

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Is it possible to get high off of promethazine hydrochloride 25 mg?

Yes. It's fairly sedating and will make you loopy, sleepy, unable to work or drive safely, and unable to enjoy other things. It's likely to make you dry-mouthed and constipated. Exceeding the recommended dose can depress breathing, cause unpleasant movement disorders, and can kill via the neuroleptic malignant syndrome mechanism. Life's full of things that are more fun than this. Health & friendship. Read more...

Will promethazine hydrochloride get somebody high or just sleepy?

It might. Even though this is used to counteract postnarcotic nausea and remedy motion sickness, it is also used as an antihistamine for allergies. This might affect individuals with a feeling of stimulation before the aniti-allergenic, sedative, anesthetic, and other qualities take effect. Many medications can affect individuals in unusaul ways, so somethiong like this is possible. See dr. To be sure. Read more...