Does surgeon break your nose during rhinoplasty?

Usually. Depending on the needs of the rhinoplasty the nasal bones may have to be narrowed ie. Bones will be fractured enabling the surgeon to decrease the width of the nasal bridge.
Breaking The Nose. The surgeon will sometimes break the nose during rhinoplasty, but it depends on your anatomy and the specific surgical treatment. You can find more information on rhinoplasty here: http://www.Facialplastics.Info/rhinoplasty.Html.
Sometimes. During rhinoplasty sometimes the bones have to be cut with a fine chisel to reshape the bones.
Rhinoplasty Info. The upper third of your nose is supported by bone while the rest is supported by a framework of cartilage. If the aesthetic correction of your nose requires some reshaping of the bony framework, this can be accomplished by either shaving or cutting the bone. Any breaks or "osteotomies" as they are called, will be performed in a precise, controlled fashion.
Maybe. Your surgeon should be able to tell you what they plan on doing before the operation. A wide nose, a twisted nose, or a nose with a large hump all frequently require osteotomies (controlled fracture) of the nasal bones. If your rhinoplasty is only to treat the tip appearance or improve breathing, it may not be necessary. Regardless, it doesn't worsen recovery, and does allow a better outcome.
Yes and/or no! During a complete rhinoplasty which changes the outward shape of the nose, the bones are broken and shaved to give a better shape. When small changes are needed just shaving can be performed and the bones are not fractured. Most patients recovered over the same period of time, 7-10days, whether the bones are broken or not! work with your surgeon to determine what is best for you.
Sometimes. Rhinoplasty surgery can be done on the cartilage portions of the nose like the tip of the nose or on the bridge of the nose which has bone and cartilage, sometimes both. If it is only reshaping the tip of the nose then it will not need to be "broken". If the bridge is straightened or changed then the bone will be carefully fractured to reposition it.
Depends. If only a tip rhinoplasty is performed there is no need to break the bones and in the. Ase of bery small humps, they can be rasped withou the need for bone cuts in thicker skinned individuals.