Diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, can someone give the low down?

Not good. Unfortunately most pancreatic cancer are not detected early and even if treatable by surgery, often require extensive removal of tissues. Do not delay getting treatment and i wish you the best.
Need specialist ctr. Pancreatic cancer in early stages should be treated by a coordinated multidisciplinary team by surgery, chemo and radiation. With all 3, and negative lymph nodes, 5-yr survival is about 24% and median is 3yrs. Nodes positive median is 14 months. Metastatic with aggressive chemo median 11 months. Even if not curable, a good oncology team is the best way to make the most of a tough situation.
Depends on type. Pancreatic cancer has several types: endocrine and exocrine. Ductal adenocarcinoma is the most common, but also the worst to have (<6-9 month survival); endocrine is not as bad, depending on size and stage (years survival); some cancers (mucinous) can have a good prognosis (>75% 5-year survival). You need to know the exact type and the stage to get meaningful information.