Polyp removal recommended. Risks?

Yes. Risks of colonoscopies polypectomy includes bleeding and perforation. Both rare.

Related Questions

What is the definition or description of: polyp removal?

Cut it off. In the colon, a polyp is cut off or removed during a special exam called a colonoscopy, for a sample for biopsy to look for cancer, and to remove it in case it is cancer. Cutting it off also reduces the risk of cancer.

I had dnc's in '04, '08, '12 for polyp removal. Symptoms again. Is another dnc the answer? Should I get a second opinion? An I at risk for adhesions?

Up to you. First you discuss with your doctor, will explain the reason, and alternative treatments if you are not satisfied, yes take a second opinion, you will be surprised your own doctor will help you.

Is mild bleeding three days after d & c and polyp removal normal?

Yes it is. Your doctor should have informed you that mild vaginal bleeding is normal after such procedures. In the absence of fever and large blood clots per vaginam, you should be fine and able to wati until your pathology review appointment in 2 weeks.

I experienced a strong burning sensation that lasted for a few hours after polyp removal. It still hurts to sit down. Is this common?

It depends where was. The polyp. If it was inside your colon there should be no pain. If this was on the outside, sometimes more accurately called a skin tag, that could be sore for some time afterward. If it is 48 to 72 hours after the removal and you are still significantly sore, you should call and discuss with the person who removed the polyp.
Colon? If this is a colon procedure, there may be some trauma in manipulating the scope. However if the pain fails to subside or gets worse in the next 24 hrs, call the doctor who did the removal.