Is nail fungus contagious? Yes it is

Yes. But it is not easy to pass it on by direct contact.
Yes. It is contagious but conditions have to be right for it as well. The list of additional reasons for it to take hold is long.
You ansered it. I guess, you answered your own question. It is contagious!

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Please tell me, is toe nail fungus contagious to other people?

Technically . Yes it could be. In reality, if localized to the nail chances are not high to spread it. Assuming you aren't handling the toes.... Read more...

My son has toe nail fungus, how would he gave got it, is it contagious?

Various reasons. Toe nail fungus is common. It can develop when the toes remain warm and moist for extended periods. The fungus is something that is normally present, and kept in check, but certain conditions will set it up to get a 'foot' hold. One thing to be sure of is that he does not have unrecognised diabetes, and a simple blood test can exclude this. Toe nail fungus is not generally contagious. Read more...