What are the metals and acrylics used in dentures?

Can be Chrome cobalt. Can be chrome cobalt , vitallium , titanium for partial dentures and high nobel metal with combination with pfm crowns (rpd).. Dentures ir acrylic partials with fibered acrylic like valplax .
Full and Partials... Denture bases are made up of pmma (polymethyl methacrylate) resin also known asacrylic resin. Denture teeth can be made up of variety of materials-acrylic resin, modified acrylic resins, porcelain and composite resins. The metal framework is almost always made up of a chrome cobalt alloy. Gold based or semi-precious metals or even titanium can be used if necessary but would greatly add to the cost.
Depends. Intraditional removable dentures base metals are mixed into an alloy...However, semiprecious alloys can be used as well. If you're asking about metal framework for implant retained, then typically a gold alloy. The acrylic is very similar to the acrylic used in nail salons for lengthning/strengthning nails.