If you scratch your eye (corneal abrasion) is it possible you damaged your vision?

Not likely. A corneal scratch (abrasion) is a loss of the thin skin covering the cornea. Usually this does not involve the deeper layers and as long as the eye is not penetrated or infected, visual loss is very uncommon. You should see an ophthalmolgist for a corneal scratch both for symptomatic relief and for proper treatment.

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Had corneal abrasion 18mos ago. Eyesight fine, just have some extra fluid/goop making vision blurry at wake-up. 3-4 blinks, eye is fine. What is this?

Don't think. The injury has anything to do with this and it doesn't sound very serious if you can blink a few times and are ok. Sounds kind of normal or at most possibly overactive oil glands in the lids. If still concerning have an eye exam.

I had a hard blunt trauma to my left eye. Examined and had a corneal abrasion. Now having extreme headaches w/ light sensitivity, related? Vision fine

Get checked. If they did not check the pressure of your eye (Glaucoma) this may be the cause of the pain apart from the scratch. An Emergency Room visit is recommended. Good luck.

Corneal abrasion 18mos ago. Sometimes wake up w/ blurred vision in eye; feels scratchy sometimes; gets better in 1 min. Should I visit eye doc again?

Yes and Soon. Corneal abrasions are common eye injuries that frequently result from eye trauma, foreign bodies, and improper contact lens use. Patients typically present with severe eye pain and a foreign body sensation. Most abrasions heal fully within 24 hours, or what is called "spontaneous corneal abrasions are also known as recurrent erosions (no immediate antecedent injury or foreign body).
Recurrent errosion. Sounds like you are having a recurrent corneal erosion. This is where the epithelium, skin layer, that was scratched (the abrasion) does not completely heal down and will recurrently and spontaneously slide or come up and cause pain, blurred vision. With time it will stick or heal back down. Treatment is lubricate with artificial tears during the day and then and ointment or gel at bedtime.

Five days after a corneal abrasion, my eye feels better. When will my sight return?

Usually, yes! In most cases, corneal abrasions completely heal leading to normal vision. We most often are concerned about recurrent corneal erosion or where the corneal surface re-opens spontaneously at the site of injury. This is best prevented with lots of artificial tears.
Variable. Depends on size, depth, location, healing rate, tear film. Usually an epithelial abrasion does not result in a scar. So once healed, vision returns.