Can I combine scar revision & mole removal with other facial surgery?

Depends... This should be answered by your doctor who is performing the scar revision. Generally, if your scar revision require surgical excision, and the mole in question happens to be near the area to be excised, then it is easy to remove the mole along with the scar. If your mole is raised, your doctor may choose to simply shave excise the mole independent of your scar revision.
Absolutely. This is a very common practice - unless there is something unusual about the circumstances.
Usually. I'm assuming your scar revision and mole removals are also on the head and neck. It does depend on what other "facial surgeries" you are contemplating, but it is usually possible to combine those procedures. One of the few scenarios which might complicate things would be a facelift combined with an extensive scar revision in the skin of the cheeks. Ask your facial plastic surgeon. Best wishes.
Multiple surgeries. A lot of procedures and/or surgeries can be combined. The location matters. For example if you are getting a mole removed from the cheek and scar revision on forhead, you can still get your eyes (blepharoplasty) done at the same time.
Yes. Scar revision and/or mole removal can be combined with other facial procedures. An added advantage of single recovery period.