Heart worries. Should I have cardiac ct?

See MD. What do you expect from the cardiac ct? You need to have a general evaluation by a physician including blood tests to ascertain your risk for heart disease.
Calcium scoring. Coronary calcium scoring is useful in patients at intermiste risk for coronary events who are asymptotic. These individuals are men over 40 & women over 50 with at least risk factor. Cardiac ct angiography is reserved for patients with symptoms.
It depends. It depends on what your concerns, symptoms and other risk factors are.

Related Questions

Can a cardiac ct scan show soft plaque in heart?

I don't believe it c. Cardiac CT scan mainly shows calcium deposits which are only present in a mature plaque. So a soft plaque is not visible in the coronary arteries (that is where they locate themselves, not in the heart itself).

How slow does your heart rate have to be for a cardiac ct scan?

It depends on the. Scanner. If it is 64 slice scanner, HR should be 65 or less. The slower the heart rate, the better the pictures. Docs use beta blocker meds to decrease the heart rate. I give 25-100 mg as needed. If someone's HR is over 90 before going for scan (before the meds), it can be hard to get HR down. If it is a high speed scanner, HR could be faster. Check out my website CardioGauge. Com for heart health.

How low does you heart rate need to be for a cardiac ct scan? Mine was 64-70 but still did the scan even tho they said they wanted it under 60.

The higher. The heart rate, the higher the chance for cardiac motion artifact that will decrease the accuracy of the scan. Even though 60 or below is the target, a heart rate slightly above 60 is probably fine. The chance of motion artifact starts to significantly increase beyond 70.

Dear wants to check for plaque in heart. He's doing a cardiac ct scan with contrast. Is this a good test for this?

Yes. The cardiac CT is a very accurate test for seeing any plaque (cholesterol buildup) in the heart. It is more sensitive than an angiogram at seeing early blockages. It is more sensitive than a nuclear stress test, stress echo, or treadmill stress test. Check out my website CardioGauge. Com for heart health education. Best wishes!

If my total body exposure to radiation is 22 msv, how much more radiation is my heart exposed to in a cardiac CT scan?

Not sure. I have not seen the radiation dose to the heart specifically separated out. In general cardiac ct will result in around 7-15 msv exposure. The newer generation scanners are using a lower dose of radiation so this value is dropping.
Not sure. You would need a medical physicist to calculate the actual exposure dose.

What gives better heart info, an ekg, angiogram or a cardiac CT scan?

Dependent. Selection based on patients conditions to determine the type of examination.
All important. All are important -- ekg provides electrical and rhythm information. Much can be learned from an ekg. Angiogram/cardiac ct provides anatomic information about coronary arteries and myocardium (muscle of the heart).

I have to have a cardiac ct scan. The dr said I will get BB to slow heart rate? Will it be in a pill?

For short term. It is probably intravenous. CT of heart can be overstated on the importance of the results. About 90 % of middle aged people have some hardening of the arteries. This is not very predictive of heart attack nor a reason for stents/bipass.