How can I whiten my teeth and not my crown?

Tooth whitening. Your porcelain crown won't change color. If your crown is whiter than your teeth, just ask your dentist about whitening options for your natural teeth. They will get lighter and the crown will stay the same. Good luck!
Brush ur teeth. Brush teeth regularly.
Tooth Whitening. Whitening works only on natural teeth and not on artificial crowns. So when one is about to get a crown its best to whiten the teeth and make the new crown to match the color the teeth after they are whitened. Then maintain healthy and clean teeth by doing good home care. Regular dental visits and cleanings can help keeping teeth clean and healthy hopefully for life.
Porcelain Crowns. Unfortunately porcelain teeth do not whiten. The reason we are able to whiten teeth is because they have pores that absorbe the stains of food, coffee, tobacco, etc. We use strong peroxides to flush the stains absorved by teeth to return them to their natural enamel color. Porcelain teeth are not porous and will remain at the original color the crown was made regardless how much you bleach.

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How can I whiten my teeth and match my crown?

Bleaching. You can try in-office or in-home bleaching. Normally, crown wont change color by bleaching but your teeth can become white and decreace the contrast between you dark teeth and white crown. However, it is very difficult, if not impossible to match perfectly. Read more...
See your dentist. See your dentist to see if it is possible. If it is , then follow a home whitening treatment recommended and monitored by their office. Read more...