How hard to breathe with a collapsed lung.?

Depends. Difficutly in breathing can vary significantly depending on: degree of collapse or how much functional lung is compromised. How functional the remaining lung is. (is there already underlying lung disease?) cause of collapse and associated chest wall problems. Air, fluid or blood around the lung or an airway blockage. So, it can be symptom free or life threatening.
Little to a lot. "collapsed lungs" (pneumothorax) come in varying sizes and degrees of seriousness. Smaller ones may be only slightly noticeable, with a little air hunger an perhaps cheat pain. Large ones can be life threatening!

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What happens when the chest collapse making it hard to breathe?

Hard to breathe. I am sure it will be hard to breathe!!! You probably mean - lung collapse... In which case also you will find it hard to breathe.

What does it feel like to breathe if you have a collapsed lung?

Usu short of breath. Collapsed lung (pneumothorax) if tiny will not cause noticable symptoms. If large, can cause shortness of breath, pain when taking a deep breath. Seen in tall thin pts, chest trauma (or lung/chest biopsy), smokers (emphysema). If tiny no treatment. If larger, a needle can suck out air and can manage as oupt with f/u chest xray. If very large, thin tube placed and suction overnight, f/u chest xray.
"short of breath" Most patients will feel mild (or more) shortness of breath or air hunger. Some chest pain, typically worse with deep breaths, is also common. A chest x-ray will be needed to rule this in, or out.
Air hunger. Dr. Lipman's answer is excellent. Pain and shortness of breath is common. I really like dr. Weiss' term "air hunger" though. Having experienced two partially collapsed lungs, air hunger is exactly right.

Can you get a collapsed lung from holding your breath for too long?

No. Holding one's breath a long time is not a known risk factor for collapsing a lung. The risk factors are smoking, and having lung diseases such as asthma, cystic fibrosis, chronic obstructive lung problems, etc... Also, a person who has had one spontaneous pneumothorax (collapsed lung) is at higher risk for having another pneumothorax.
Not exactly... Just holding one's breath is not a risk factor per se. However, hyper inflating your lungs can result in pneumothorax in individuals with blebs and abnormal lung tissue. The practice of sucking in deep and hold one's breath while smoking drugs such as marijuana is associated with spontaneous pneumothorax.

Could laughing to the point of hold ur breath cause a tension pneumothorax? I laughed so hard now my chest hurts hist: htn&pcos mild l/s atelectasis

If you. Had a bleb on the lungs theoretically it could burst. Tension pneumothorax is a severe condition the person usually can't carry on with the daily activities and would seek medical attention. For being sure consult your primary care physician.