Do you have any suggestions for an infected ingrown toe nail? It was hit hard and bleed. Does that mean all the puss came out. It's now purple.

The best thing you. Could possibly do is bring your toe to a podiatrist. It's dangerous and foolhardy to try to deal with this on your own, and you could make the infection worse. Removing ingorwn toenails is fast, painless and quick, and your eyes will bug out at the size of what you've got inside your skin. Soaking helps localize the infection, but the astringent action of water is not temperature dependent.
Cotton to the rescue. This is a link to a method that I use in my clinic and show to my patients routinely. an old country doc showed me this back in high school and i haven't had an issue since. Hope it helps:) use some otc topical antibacterial cream and let a doc look tomorrow i'd not improved.