How long after a breast reduction is it okay to drink?

Postop Drinking. If you are referring to drinking alcohol after breast reduction surgery, or any surgery, there are many factors to consider. 1. Don't drink alcohol while you are taking prescription pain medications. The combination could be dangerous. 3. Don't drink alcohol to excess for the first 2-4 weeks after surgery. There is the possibility you could fall or hurt yourself and/or your surgical site.
Breast reduction. After breast reduction surgery, your doctor may prescribe you both antibiotics and pain medication. You want to refrain from any alcoholic beverages while taking these medications. This typically would last about a week after surgery.
One week. After surgery you want to avoid strenuous activity for one month, and avoid anything that can increase the risk of bleeding. This would include alcohol, which can cause dilatation of the blood vessels.
1 week. Once you're not taking narcotics for the pain, and you've sufficiently recovered from the surgery, you should be ok to have a drink.

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