What are the risk factors for melanoma?

Sun exposure plus. Although everyone is at some risk for melanoma, several factors such as: sun exposure, number of moles on the skin, your skin type and family history (genetics) can  increase your risk for melanoma. Please visit www. Skincancer. Org for more indepth information.
Multiple. Melanoma risk factors include fair skin, history of sunburns, excessive uv exposure such as from tanning beds, living near the equator or at higher elevations, many (>50) moles or unusual moles, family history of melanoma, and weakened immune system. We can reduce our risk by reducing sun exposure and observe sun safe practices.
Mostly sun exposure. Sun exposure, particularly with severe sunburns especially as a child (or probably sunbed use), fair skin, light colored eyes, red or blonde hair, family history, and prior melanoma or skin cancer diagnosis.
RISK FACTORS. Sun exposure, especially first 20 years of age. Blistering sunburns. Blonde or red hair. Green or blue eyes. Positive family history. One melanoma, greater risk for second. Dark skinned; greater risk for foot melanoma. Immunocompromised.
UV radiation. The main risk factors include exposure to uv radiation from the sun, having more than 100 moles, family history, personal history, fair skin, red hair, using tanning bed, and history of sunburns in childhood.

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What are some of the risk factors for getting Melanoma?

RISK FACTORS. 1. Sun, sun, sun; especially 1st 20 years. 2. Blonde or red hair. 3. Blue or green eyes. 4. Previous history of melanoma. 5. Family history.