Does bleeding disorder mean I am suffering from hemophilia?

No. There are many types of bleeding disorders. Factor deficiencies are only one type. Hemophilia is factor 8 deficiency or factor 9 deficiency. There are platelet disorders as well which cause bleeding.
Not necessarily. There are many causes for bleeding disorders, hemophilia is one of many. Your doctor can begin the evaluation but you may need to see a hematologist for definitive diagnosis and treatment. Bleeding disorders can be congenital or acquired. Usually a bleeding disorder indicates a dysfunction and/or deficit with clotting factors and/or platelets. Consult your doctor.

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I had some questions on the hemophilia bleeding disorder? Is bad nosebleeds a mild form of it?

In some cases. Not all conditions of recurrent nosebleeds are due to hemophilia. Hemophilia is a bleeding disorder which can lead to frequent nosebleeds. There are two clotting pathways, the intrinsic and extrinsic pathways. Hemophilia is involved in the intrinsic pathway. Read more...