Why do adults get braces?

Different reasons. Some adults seek orthodontic treatment for purely cosmetic reasons to correct unsightly crowding or an uneven smile line. Others seek treatment for functional reasons associated with an uneven bite, destructive wear patterns, and difficulty chewing. Patients with jaw joint problems or facial pain when chewing may also seek an orthodontist for relief.
Bad teeth? Bad teeth maybe.
To fix their teeth. To improve their appearance. To improve their bite. To make it easier to keep their teeth clean to prevent gum disease. To prevent their teeth from wearing prematurely.
Braces. For a variety of reasons- cosmetic, functional reasons, to makie cleaning between teeth easier, to aid in restoring the rest of the mouth to health.
For a variety of... Reasons...Many adults want to improve cosmetics, but one big benefit for adults is that straight teeth are easier to clean, making the development of gum disease less likely.
Same reason as kids. Braces are used to help correct bad bites and to improve ugly crooked teeth. A healthy, beautiful smile will certainly improve one's self esteem while helping to ensure a lifetime of good oral health. See any orthodontist to see what they can do for you. Most will do an initial exam at no charge to you.
Because they want to. The main reason adults get braces is they realize that their bite and esthetics could be improved and the want to do it. In almost every case the adult is ecstatic when they remove their braces and they get to truly enjoy their new smile.
Many reasons. The main reason why adults get braces is to have a cosmetic smile. Sometimes, braces are used to fix malocclusions and space issues involving teeth.
LOOK BETTER. Just because you are an adult doesn't mean you can't have a nice smile. If wearing brackets on your teeth is not an option, maybe invisable clear aligners can do the trick. Personally, i think that people seeing that you are taking care of yourself, especially your smile, is a plus for adults.
Smiles. Most adults present for braces to improve their smiles. A great new smile provides so many benefits. They may also enter orthodontic treatment to improve the health of their bite or to prepare teeth for needed dental work.
Many reasons. Adults get braces to straighten teeth. The better tooth and jaw alignment, the better teeth look, the easier they are to clean (reducing adult decay and gum disease), the less strain on supporting tissues, the less uneven wear of the teeth, and the easier they are to restore. Seek consultation with a qualified orthodontic specialist.
Braces. For the same reasons that kids get braces. To straighten their teeth and correct their bites.