Are there liver problems from drugs for autoimmune diseases?

Potentially yes. Drugs that we use for autoimmune disease do have potentially liver toxicities. Drugs such as methotrexate, imuran. And Cytoxan (cyclophosphamide) which are drugs which we use for autoimmune disease do have potential liver problems particularly the elevation of liver function tests. If labs are followed correctly, the potential for chronic liver disease are rare.
It depends . Methotrexate is commonly used in some autoimmune diseases needs to be monitored for liver problems as well as bone marrow and kidney problems. There are many other medications for autoimmune problems with their own benefits and toxicities.

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Can there be any way to fight an autoimmune disease of the liver?

Yes. It requires close follow up by someone experienced in the problem so that appropriate treatment can be recommended. Read more...

Can all autoimmune diseases be detected in blood work? I have had extensive tests ran. I have fatty liver disease with borderline enlargement.

Yes , some . In autoimmune disease the body not recognize it own tissue and attacks an organ or organs (systemic disease ) as a result antibodies are released and they will be detected in the blood like crp, (c reactive protein ) ANA , (antinuclear a) af ( rhematoid factor ) ena , elivated sed rate (ESR) maybe more ask your doctor. Make sure to take care of fatty liver . Read more...