Can a pinched nerve in neck cause tingling in face and head?

Yes. A pinched nerve certainly can, most notably in a distribution starting at the base of your skull in the back and wrapping up around your scalp and onto your forehead on one side. Irritation to some nerves in your neck can also lead to lower face and head tingling as well. If it progresses, or if it does not go away in a few weeks, you may need some imaging to make sure there is no entrapment.

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Might a pinched nerve in your neck cause shooting pains when you turn your head and cause tingling?

Dr. Roy G. Spurling . When you turn your head to one side & experience tingling and shooting pain (radiculopathy) in your arm, upper back or shoulder region on the same side your neck was turned to, it may be indicative of a pinched nerve (foraminal stenosis; nerve root impingement. Modification of this maneuver performed by the doctor is called spurling's maneuver or sign, named after the neurosurgeon who named it. Read more...

Can a stiff neck or pinched nerve in neck lead to tingling in the back of your head and skull?

Yes. Often a pinched nerve in the neck or other cause of neck muscle stiffness can cause the "greater occipital nerve" to get irritated and produce sensations of numbness/ tingling/ "ants under the skin" in the region of the back of the scalp, the skin above the ears and even into the forehead. This is called greater occipital neuralgia and is a side effect of the primary issue. Read more...

Neck cracking/popping, forehead/scalp tingling, the result of pinched nerves in neck? MRI's and CT's of head were normal. Thanks.

More info. The MRI and CT you speak of were of the head. Did you have a neck imaging test?
Any pinched nerves come from the neck.
Scalp tingling is another separate issue. Need labs and more information.
Neck cracking and popping is benign and self limiting. Read more...