What are the acupuncture points for back and neck?

U can see a book. As I remeber there are 12 maridians on the body and about 760 regular points in addition to local points that can be used for treatment, depending on patient's presentation.
Too many to list. There are dozens of acupuncture points on the neck and back. The acupuncturist chooses points depending on the specific nature of the symptoms and on what they find on exam of the individual.
SHU Points. Here is one sampling of shu points (on the back) : http://www. Bing. Com/images/search? Q=acupuncture+shu+points&form=hdrsc2# there are many, many points besides the shu points.

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What are the acupuncture points for back, jaw and neck pain?

See an acupuncturist. It is not really possible to tell you exactly where the points of acupuncture for all the locations of pain you seek, in this limitted space. Some sample is shown here on the picture, but I would advise you to seek a consultation with an acupuncturist to find out what is involved and whether or not acupuncture is right for you. Good luck.
Acupuncture. May help with pain or stress (if you Believe in it enough). But the disease itself could be serious (? Nerve compression? Heart pain? Gallbladder? Rumor?). Make sure it's nothing serious before you trust in acupuncture. If no serious pathology, could then attempt acupuncture. Feel better.

Can you please tell me about the acupuncture points for back and neck pain?

Many, many, many. There are over 365 acupuncture points. - there are many on the neck and the back. So, I am not sure which points you are referring to.

What are the acupuncture points for jaw and neck pain?

Acupuncture point. One of the points that is commonly used is the li4 point; which is on the large intestine principal meridian. Your acupuncturist will be familiar with the location of this point. This should not be needled in pregnant women. There are other points used that can be reviewed with your acupuncturist.
It depends. There are multiple points in the body the treat jaw and neck pain. However which points are used for an individual is dependent upon the physical examination to determine which meridians have too much or not enough flow of chi in them.