What is the worst current vaccination for autism?

You ARE WRONG. There is absolutely no connection between vaccines and autism as proven by 100's of scientifically valid research studies. Ther are no valid studies proving a connection. Thus your question is misleading. The answer is none.
No such thing. This has been well studied, and there is no credible evidence that vaccines are a factor in autism --the cdc, am academy of pediatrics, world health organization & all experts agree on this. Don't perpetuate a myth. Autism comes from "somewhere else".
None, none and none. This odious myth refuses to die. There is NO EVIDENCE for it. Talk to your parents & grandparents!!! They've SEEN these epidemic diseases. It's irresponsible not to immunize children. This is measles. Measles can KILL. Do you want that on your conscience? The antivaccination movement is setting modern medicine back 200 years. Future generations will see them for the lunatic fringe they are.
You a cult follower? Dr. Wakefield, a British adult GI doctor authored a study published more than a decade ago in the Lancet that suggested MMR was linked to autism. For years people tried to verify his results, but could not.We found he was on the payroll of some British lawyers and made up the data. He was stripped of his medical license and left Great Britain, but his myth lives on.