What causes pain on top of your head?

Number of things. Your scalp is innervated by numerous nerves, most notably the occipital nerves in the back of your head which, if irritated, can lead to pain on the top of your head. You also have a muscle.Tissue that runs from the top of your neck that wraps up around your head and irritation to this can cause pain. Beyond that, sunburns, skin irritation, fungal infections, all can cause extracranial pain there.

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What causes throbbing pain in the top of your head?

Migraine. Throbbing pain in the head may be due to migraine headache or tension headache. Migraine headaches are typically incapacitating whereas tension headache are more tolerable. Both treated differently. Inciting causes are stress, fatigue, poor hydration, poor diet or skipping meals and poor sleep. Read more...