Can food intolerance cause anaphylactic shock?

No But... ....Food allergies may. A food intolerance usually means a digestive problem. Allergies are a totally different body chemistry and are potentially much more dangerous.
Usually no. Anaphylaxis is an immunologic reaction that happens to people who are allergic to a food (hives, swelling, cough/wheeze/shortness of breath, loss of blood pressure and fainting, severe vomiting/diarrhea). Food intolerances generally lead to symptoms like nausea, stomach upset, headaches, and sometimes rashes. They are rarely dangerous.
Possibly. I agree with the prevous answers for food intolerance but what soe people do is conduse intolerance as opposed to allergy.An intolerance may present as the first episode with allergu to food anaphylaxis can occer and any rash devloped after eatimg must be considered to have evalustion prior to eating this food again.