Does alzheimer's kill you?

Not Immediately!! Alzheimer's is a slow progressive disease, over 15-20 years or more. People gradually lose their memory and execution. Normally start to see lapses in billing, finding words, getting lost during driving. Eventually forget how to eat, dress and take care of themselves. People can die of advanced dementia due to malnutrition and complications related to that.
Not directly. A;lzheimers disease per se leads to a decline in the correct functioning of other body parts---such as adequate and safe swallowing and nutrition, or breathing, or susceptibility to infections, or gait changes and risks of falls; all of these then lead to higher risk of disability and death...
Sometimes. With early detection and new inderstanding of the disease as well as the treatments available more patients are living with their disease longer and insted of dying of alzheimers they die of pneumonia heart disease or orher age associated disease states. But once with the disease you will always have it no reversal or cure yet but many promising possibilties being researched.
Not Directly. Alzheimer's is not directly fatal. A sufferer of the disease can die at any stage of the disease from injury (due to forgetting how to operate certain things, incl. Stoves, cars, tools, etc.). If a person survives to the advanced stage, death usually comes from complications of malnutrition or infection. Hope this helps. If someone you know may have this, take them to their doctor.
Not directly. Alzheimer's is rarely fatal in the way that cancer is. Progressive loss of cortical function leads to an ever more restricted capacity to perform daily activities without assistance. People with ad often then succumb to pneumonia, say, from inactivity (which can be compensated for by caregivers only to a degree). If someone does remain alive with ad "to the end", even swallowing can be lost.