Are there good home remedies for arthritis pain?

Yes. Arthritis home remedies include diet, exercise, heat therapy, ice, hot tub, massage, etc some of the remedies under investigation at the national center for complementary and alternative medicine website include psychological therapies, meditation, tai chi, fish oil, gamalinoleic acid, thunder god vine a chinese herb, etc these are being evaluated and some may be shown to be good remedies.
Yes. Yes, start with resting the affected region (limb or joint), icing, limb elevation, immobilization are good starting points for arthritic pain. Over-the -counter (otc) remedies are also a reasonable next step such as a variety of analgesic balms/creams/ointments, pain patches, oral analgesics (ex. Tylenol, (acetaminophen) or motrin), anti-inflammatories (ex. Motrin, aleve) are a reasonable next option.

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Arthritis pain in feet and hands-what is a good home remedy?

Try. Topical anti- inflammatory medication like aspercream, or mobisyl.
Paraffin wax. Paraffin wax bath is a physical medicine modality that is used in rehab medicine. This paraffin wax bath can also be purchased for home use. This is very helpful for relieving pain associates with osteoarthritis --predominantly of the hands/feet.