What kind of cosmetics can an acne patient use?

Exfoliants. Products containing salicylic (beta hydroxy) acids or Alpha hydroxy acids help acne skin. This may be in the form of face washes or leave-on products (generally at a lower concentration). Also, benzoyl peroxide washes functions to reduce oil gland production and p.Acnes bacteria build-up, thought to exacerbate acne.
Cosmetics . Look for cosmetics that are non comedogenic (wound block pores), fragrance free, and oil free.
Non-comedogenic. In plain terms, anything that does not obstruct pores or promote bacterial growth is advised. For example mascara is notorious for bacterial contamination. Oil based creams may also block natural oil secretion. Many feel that mineral based cosmetics have natural antibacterial properties and are less likely to obstruct oil or sweat glands.