What is makoplasty; does it work; and are you worse off than before, if it doesn't work as expected?

Robotic knee resurfa. I have performed over 560 makoplasty knee procedures and teach surgeons from around the world on this. This is a high precision installation tool that allows surgeons to properly align, balance, and centrally track the implants on each and every patient consistently and reproducibly better than any other partial knee installation system in the world. This has revolutionized partial knee surgery.
Let me explain. Robotic-assisted knee resurfacing partial knee replacement. According to the studies the result are good. If did not work as expected you could revise to total knee replacement.
Type of partial knee. 1 in 10 who are candidates for knee replacement have symptoms confined to only one part of the knee (e.g. Medial). These people can get by with surgery that just addresses this one part of the knee. This is called a partial knee replacement. A makoplasty is a partial knee replacement done with a special robot designed for this type of surgery. 90% last 20 years.