Burn sensation in stomach above navel slightly to the left, gas, bloating, and light diaherra and maroon color mucus in stool? What could this mean?

Check with Dr soon. Until you got to maroon mucous is stool. Someone needs to examine your belly and test your stool for blood. You might be having bleeding from ulcer or blood vessel abnormality in stomach or intestinal track.

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Having trouble with abdomen. Tingling, burning, nausea, direaha, constipation, gas, bloating, hurts to touch. Started by belly button & moved.?

See your doctor. There are multiple causes of abdominal pain, and there is no way to answer your question without a complete examination and more detailed history. Is this of recent onset? Is it recurrent? When you say "hurts to touch" what exactly do you mean - where do you touch and where do you feel the pain. Appendicitis pain often begins at the belly button and travels to the right lower quadrant, for example. Read more...