I have a decrease in my albumin level and an increase in my calcium level. My went from 4.1-3.9-3.6 and calcium went from 8.6-9.2-9.6. My ESR is 10, HB is 14, MCV is 85 and IDH is 129. Could I have myeloma?

Albumin and calcium. A decrease in Albumin (a) causes a lower calcium (c) blood level. To get a corrected c in a person with a low a, follow this formula: subtract the serum a from the normal a, say 3.5. Multiply the difference by .8 and add that the serum c to get the corrected c. If the a is 2.5 and the c is 7.9, the corrected c would be 8.7. The increase in c to 9.6, is not abnormally high. No myeloma from lab data.
See below. Decrease in Albumin leads to reduction in calcium, not an increase. There are other causes of increased calcium and myeloma is unlikely at your age. You are obviously under the care of a doctor to have these tests done, it would be prudent to discuss the results with him/her.