What is the lowest topical dose of estrogen that is prescribed for hormone therapy?

0.025mg/day. The lowest transdermal patch is 0.025 mg/day. There are also several topical gels and a spray in this range.

Related Questions

Estrogen in contraception pills or menopausal hormone therapy have same effect?

Mostly yes. Pharmacologically yes, although the amount of estrogen in hrt is usually lower than in ocp; therefore symptomatically it might be different. Some hrt also contains different estrogen types, for example conjugated equine estrogens, but the basic effect is still similar. Read more...

Too much estrogen makes women anxious, an is this why antidepress. An anti anxiety, an hormone therapy makes it worse.?

Complex. Relationship of hormones to mood and emotions is very complex. Some women with high estrogen may be equally anxious or depressed as someone with low estrogen. Some women are more sensitive to hormone changes than others. So, hormone therapy has to be individualized. Please see a specialist with your concerns to get therapy tailored specifically for you. Read more...